Welcome to my blog!

Hello to my fellow future educators and Professor Susan Drake! Blogging is completely new to me so I hope to learn more throughout this experience. As a future educator, I believe it is important to be consistently reflective about not only my teaching, but also about myself and how all the components of my life can be reflective into my teaching styles. After viewing many other wonderful teacher blogs, I truly believe that blogging can be an excellent way to help teachers be reflective, organized, and creative.

We were asked to find at least 3 active teacher blogs that we wish to follow throughout the semester. The 3 blogs that I have found to be the most interesting throughout my search are:

1.  http://mscassidysclass.edublogs.org

2.  http://mrsalbanesesclass.blogspot.ca/

3.  http://fun-in-first.blogspot.ca/

1. This first blog is by Ms. Cassidy and her 6 year old students in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Ms. Cassidy frequently blogs about the innovative and hands-on activities that take place within her classroom. The most interesting aspect of her blog is that she provides links that direct us to each and every one of her students’ very own blog. This is where each individual child shares their work and let’s us into their very own world of learning. I think this is an incredible way to encourage students to be self-aware, responsible, directly engaged in their work, confident, creative, and motivated. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out her blog, it has definitely inspired me!

2. This second blog is by Mrs. Albanese and her Jr. & Sr. Kindergarten class in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. This classroom is very close to my home so it is very interesting to learn how classrooms have evolved in my neck of the woods! Mrs. Albanese provides us with pictures of her classroom to give us an idea of the environment that she works with on a daily basis. I think this is a great idea, as we learn that the milieu and physical environment is significantly influential on student development and achievement. Mrs. Albanese really lets you into her everyday world… a wonderful blog to check out!

3. Finally, this blog is by Mrs. Jodi Southard and her 1st Grade class in Indiana, U.S. I chose to follow Mrs. Southard’s blog because she emphasizes the need to constantly look for fun ways of learning, which is a fundamental factor for the primary level. She also uses her to blog to introduce and share with us her new products, such as her recent flipbook. Her blog seems to be a very resourceful and informative… excited to learn more about her products!

On a final note, I just wanted to touch on our Jigsaw Literacy Presentations that our class did last week. I found the PowerPoints, Prezi’s, Word documents, etc, to be extremely helpful for our understanding of the various literacies. After hearing the experts within my group present their assigned literacy and reviewing the presentations afterwards, I now have a better understanding going forward with writing my paper. Although I was aware that 21st Century teaching incorporated all types of literacies, I was surprised to learn about how many there were and how each one is comprised of unique, valuable, and relatable elements. I am excited to continue to learn about how to integrate each of these literacies into a classroom setting!

Happy learning!